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McAllen Economic Highlights

Low Cost of Living

  • The ACCRA Cost of Living Study ranked McAllen's Cost of Living Index as the 1st lowest in the Nation for the Third Quarter of 2014, 5th lowest in the Nation for the Fourth Quarter of 2007
  • The Ten Most and Least Expensive Urban Areas in the Cost of Living Index (COLI)

    Third Quarter
    National Average for 264 Urban Areas = 100

    Most Expensive Least Expensive
    Ranking Urban Areas COL Index Ranking Urban Areas COL Index
    1 New York (Manhattan) NY 214.5 1 McAllen, TX 81.5
    2 Honolulu, HI 171.2 2 Ashland, OH 83.4
    3 New York (Brooklyn) NY 168.6 3 Harlingen, TX 83.5
    4 San Francisco, CA 165.5 4 Martinsville-henry County, VA 84.6
    5 Hilo, HI 156.4 5 Richmond, IN 84.6
    6 Truckee-Nevada County, CA 151.7 6 Idaho Falls, ID 84.6
    7 Orange County, CA 145.9 7 Cookeville, TN 85.0
    8 Stamford, CT 145.9 8 San Marcos, TX 85.6
    9 Oakland, CA 139.0 9 Hattiesburg, MS 85.6
    10 Washington-Arlington-Alexandria DC-VA 138.8 10 Pueblo, CO 85.9

    Entrepreneurial Opportunity

  • Inc. Magazine recognized McAllen as one of the Nation's Boomtowns, or hottest cities for entrepreneurs. The McAllen MSA was ranked 5th in the Nation Overall, and 2nd among Midsize MSAs.
  • Employment Growth

  • The Business Journals’ on Numbers ranked private-sector employment growth for the 100 largest metros McAllen is the first fastest growing over the last 5 years with a rate of 9.48% followed by New Orleans at 8.24%
  • Career Opportunity

  • According the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic Mcallen and two other metros post’s the nation’s best records for long-term job growth by achieving private- sector employment gains in 84 of the past 100 months. McAllen also leads for the number of months with increases of more than 2% (74 for McAllen and 71 for Austin)
  • Superior Retail Performance

  • In April 2015, McAllen recorded its highest-ever local sales tax first quarter this year by collecting more than $17.5 million in retail taxes in January, February and March, according to the Texas Comptroller a year-over-year decrease of 19.74% from 2006 to 2007.