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A Look Into Our Past Tells Us of Our Future


The story of McAllen goes back more than 100 years. From a dusty little border town to the international metropolitan destination that it has become today, the history of our city not only offers us a glimpse into our past but reveals the perseverance that has made our community great. A perseverance and tenacity that endures and is the foundation for future success. Our place along the Rio Grande borderland has inextricably tied our past, and future, with our neighbors to the south. From the first Spanish settlements that were established in 1749 to modern times, our cross cultural heritage runs deeps. City leaders at the McAllen Chamber of Commerce, the City of McAllen, and McAllen Economic Development Corporation believe that through some contemplation of our past, we can understand the road ahead. Small Beginnings McAllen was situated in a no-man’s land in the late 1800’s. It wasn’t until the…

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Eat. Play. Stay…And Live…in McAllen!


McAllen is happening and our beautiful region continues to see meaningful growth and economic trends that point towards prolonged prosperity for the area. Through aggressive initiatives and marketing campaigns – such as #SeeYouinMcallen – city leaders from the McAllen Chamber of Commerce, McAllen EDC and City of McAllen offices are working diligently to promote McAllen businesses for shopping, playing, eating, and staying. While our primary goal with these marketing campaigns will continue to focus on drawing in tourists from various regions including northern Mexico, the South Texas Triangle, and our very own metropolitan area, it is worth noting that our marvelous city of McAllen is not only great to visit but to live in as well. Undoubtedly, our ability to thrive and remain a dynamic city not only depends on drawing in travelers but also attracting a permanent population of productive, innovative and skilled workers to enhance our civic and…

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9 Key Social Media Strategies to Help Your Business Succeed


Change does indeed present opportunity and today’s social media driven world is the perfect catalyst to help businesses reach new audiences and meaningfully communicate with existing ones. There are 480,000 @Facebook users within a 25 mile radius of #McAllen. #socialmedia #marketing Understandably, though, it can be a bit difficult to keep up with social media trends as they seem to change on a daily basis. From posts to grams, tweets to snaps, there are an overwhelming number of social media marketing tools at your disposal. Despite the variety of options available to you, there are a few simple guidelines to help your social media presence be as effective as possible. A Few Points to Make Your Social Media Presence Shine! Your social media program should support your overall business and marketing goals. If you already have a social media presence, that’s a great start! Now it’s time to look at…

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McAllen Is Happening


McAllen is the place to be. As we market our community to the rest of Texas and Mexico, we find more and more it’s an easy story to tell. Our culture, our people, our land, and our history are remarkable. And the explosion of what we have to offer is just as unique and exciting. From amazing high-end retail stores to world class Broadway shows, gorgeous natural attractions, spectacular nightlife venues, national and statewide sporting events, and so much more, McAllen is certainly generating buzz. Visitors from within our state, across our borders, and throughout the Greater Rio Grande Valley can find everything that need here – and then some. Retail Galore It should come as no surprise that McAllen is a retail giant with a topnotch hospitality industry. All across the city we continue to see growth and business expansion that is proving to be vital in drawing new…

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Change Presents Opportunity


One of the vital elements for success in the 21st century is the “connectivity” of a community, its businesses, and its leadership to the key economic drivers of the city. When elements that sustain those economic drivers change, it creates an opportunity to bring together key players and business groups to look for innovative methods to connect and drive economic development in positive ways for the community. For the community of McAllen, several conditions are driving change. Shopping patterns, the peso value against the dollar, the recent unrest in Reynosa, as well as the rhetoric coming out of Austin and Washington have created challenges and new opportunities for our city. Doing nothing or simply hoping and wishing things will get better is not an option. That is why leaders from the City of McAllen, the McAllen Chamber of Commerce and McAllen EDC have launched the aggressive #SeeYouInMcAllen regional marketing campaign…

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The Birth of “Amigos Always”


While the “Amigos Always” campaign was recently created through a collaboration between your McAllen Chamber of Commerce, McAllen EDC, the City of McAllen, and our partners in Mexico, the reality is our marketing efforts to increase foreign tourism in our city and throughout the region have existed for many years now. In fact, one of our marketing initiatives began over six years ago with the assistance of RTREVIÑO Creative Marketing, who is based in Monterrey, Mexico. The team at  RTREVIÑO Creative Marketing worked diligently at that time to define our city’s highly valuable qualities and to express those expertly to our target audience – Mexican nationals and tourists. In a joint effort, we were able to establish that what made McAllen such a unique and alluring destination was our ability to offer an exclusive American experience and convenient locality. Undoubtedly, McAllen’s proximity to the border has provided Mexican tourists the…

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