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Bringing New Technology to the Valley: Ranvu An Innovative Style of Delivery Service

Dorance Cuba was on a grand adventure seeking a second master’s degree from INSEEC in Bordeaux, France, this time in International Business Management. While in school, his wife, Gloria, was attending language school and doing extensive research into technology they could bring to the Valley. “We were looking for something to provide the area which the Valley didn’t have before. We wanted to bring technology, to be able to contribute to the Valley. That was the most important thing to my wife,” Dorance Cuba explained.   Ultimately, Gloria Ordaz Ruiz became owner, founder, and CEO of Ranvu, a mobile app and website developed two years ago that allows users to order groceries online and have them delivered within two hours. “We started with that line to test the Valley and see how people would adjust to it,” Cuba said. Winning a 2017 Innovation Grant from the McAllen Chamber, and grateful…

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Climbing the Heights of Inspiration – Inventor Since Childhood, David Rodriguez

Clambering up a 300-foot tower, David Rodriguez once again had to estimate the correct size of tool needed to remove the nut. Lugging around all his heavy tools was becoming a hassle and he intuitively knew there was a better way to get his work done. Identifying the problem, Rodriguez worked diligently for six years to finalize his solution. Finding his way through the maze of obtaining his patent was a bit of challenge, but the effort was worth the wait. David’s little invention – the EZ Gauge-Refinery – is an ingenious tool which can be used to measure the size of nuts, bolts, and drift pins in the oil industry. With a little adjustment, he created the ideal tool for any industry – the EZ Gauge-Mechanic. For this, the McAllen Chamber named him one of their 2017 Innovation Grant winners. “When I was little, my parents were never strict…

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Lemonade Day Locations!

A lot of help and locations are needed in order to make this happen. If you would like to offer your location for lemonade stands, please fill out the form below:   If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Michelle Rodriguez at 956-682-2871 or

Millennials and the Right Group Dynamics

There is a lot of emphasis, these days, on teams and collaboration in the workplace. For many long-established employees who came of age in the workforce where individual achievement was prized over everything else, today’s workplace can be challenging, to say the least, and down-right hard to master, at the highest level. The millennials have a “step up” on the older workforce, because they have been taught and trained to function well in groups. I have recently had an opportunity to watch a group of 20-something work in teams and it is an enlightening process to watch. The dynamics of the group were very supportive of each other and focused on finding the right ideas and directions. Here are some key lessons I learned from watching these Millennials work in teams: 1) No Egos. I was surprised with the give and take in the group. Each idea or thought that…

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Mother’s Day Mexico Giveaway

McAllen Chamber of Commerce and Visit McAllen is giving away a one night stay for  Mother’s Day on May 10, 2018. Included is also 4 tickets ( 2 adults, 2 kids ) to the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville. Please enter your name, email address & phone number. Must be a resident of Mexico to win. One entry per family. Winner will be announced Monday April 23, 2018. Upon check in at Smart iStay, after proper identification has been presented, you will be given the zoo tickets.  Click on the “Restrictions may apply ” below for further rules.     Restrictions may apply        

Being Centered

There are lots of challenges in the workplace. Finding the balance between being “all-in” and productive and keeping your life in balance is hard, especially in today’s world of being connected to work 24/7 every day. The productivity experts tell us that finding a balance or “being centered” is critical, not only for strong performances, but also for living a life that is filled with joy and fulfillment. So how does a person find that balance in a world that appears to be going faster and faster every day? The answer lies not in just one solution, but in a variety of thoughts and processes that bring our focus to how we think and our attitudes. Like most things in life, there is a discipline to achieving “being centered.” Here is a list of some of the key elements, based on what several experts have written and discussed: 1) Sleep.…

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Turning Ideas into Reality: Innovation & Entrepreneur Programs

The McAllen metro area and its surrounding communities are evolving. We are in the midst of growing opportunity, cutting-edge technology, and favorable conditions for new businesses. City leaders and your team members at the McAllen Chamber of Commerce are absolutely ecstatic about the possibilities that lie before us. Perhaps what makes these prospects so exciting is that the individuals who make up our community have stepped up to the plate. Many of you are ready to turn your business dreams and products into a reality. There is a sense of great potential in the air that seems to draw people to McAllen and we are eager to help those who are ready to contribute to our great city. It is because of this reason that we have created a number of programs, services, and partnerships with other local organizations to provide innovators and entrepreneurs the support, connections, and funding they…

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Ode to Cliff

This is another installment of my “Ode to Cliff” columns. Cliff was the mailman on the television series Cheers, who sat at the end of the bar, spouting off the origins for sayings that were never right, but sounds vaguely familiar to someone I know. Better Half. It is not uncommon to introduce our spouses as our “better half.” I do it all the time. The phrase comes from the Middle East where a Bedouin had insulted a prince and the prince had ordered the Bedouin to be put to death. The Bedouin’s wife pleaded with the prince not to kill her husband. The wife stated it was not her “whole” husband who had insulted the prince, but just half of her husband. She asserted that she made up the other half of her husband (the better half). She had not insulted the prince and the husband, she argued, was…

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Getting Straight A’s in Life

I was never a straight A student in school. I was always a little envious of those students who made school look easy and got straight A’s. Every year, I would begin the school year with the goal of doing all the right things to make A’s – it never seemed to work out. Education experts will tell you the best ways to improve your grades include sitting in the front row, never missing class, completing all your assignments before class (that was really hard), taking good notes, starting early and working hard – all great ideas and suggestions. I thought, what about getting straight A’s in life, what would it take? Here are some thoughts: Action. People who make A’s in life are “doers” and not “talkers.” The people who make things happen eventually win. Shakespeare said, “Action is eloquence.” Loving what you do makes action so much easier.…

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Paul Moxley, Chief Executive Officer, Texas Regional Bank Janet Vackar, President, Bert Ogden Auto Group The honor of Man and Woman of 2017 has gone to two people with exceptional credentials who are respected by the entire community serving on multiple boards, working with non-profits and contributing as leaders in major companies. Paul Moxley and Janet Vackar are making a difference in their community. Paul Moxley, Chief Executive Officer, Texas Regional Bank, is normally a private man who prefers to keep his works and good deeds quiet. However, receiving this title of Man of the Year has Paul opening the vaults of his memories, remembering those who shaped him into the man he has become. He recalled the strong influence of his mother and shared one of his favorite memories of her: she used to hang his little 5 or 6-year old ADHD body by his belt on the doorknob…

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Joaquin Zamora McAllen City Commissioner District 2 Assistant Criminal District Attorney One of the first things a person notices about Joaquin Zamora, McAllen City Commissioner District 2 and Assistant Criminal District Attorney, is his welcoming attitude. Perhaps that is because he is so grateful to God for the life he is living. Born and raised in McAllen in a colonia, Zamora learned his work ethics early from clerking in the family store, stocking the shelves, taking inventory and selling barbacoa on Sundays. At the same time his moral philosophy was being honed – always tell the truth, respect your elders, don’t talk back, do the right thing. Maybe it was partly this which, by the time he was in 5th grade, helped him know what he wanted in life. It was not the family business, but the city business. “It was the ‘80s. I saw a lot of poor people…

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1) What is your favorite book? The Shack by William Young. The story line intrigued me. It’s about a man who suffers a lot of pain with the loss of a child, unbearable pain. The story is about forgiveness and how to get through life’s struggles. It is a reminder that many times we aren’t aware of God’s presence or even think we have been abandoned, God never leaves our side. 2) What is your favorite movie? I don’t know that I have a favorite movie. I like watching Hallmark movies. I prefer those, especially during the holidays, because of the happy endings. 3) What was your favorite vacation spot? Now that my kids are older, I think going to the island with them. When I was growing up it was camping at Garner State Park with my parents, near San Antonio in the Hill Country. 4) What is your…

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