The McAllen Chamber of Commerce, with a membership of 2,000 and a staff of 21 was founded in 1924, and its forerunner, the McAllen Businessmen’s Club, founded and drove the creation of the City of McAllen in 1911. The McAllen Chamber is the largest chamber in a 15 county area, and is broadly seen as the most innovative, cutting edge and progressive chamber in the region. The staff of the McAllen Chamber has been integral in creating and developing cooperative efforts in the region.

The mission of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce is to help McAllen businesses be successful and make money, accelerate connections, create economic momentum and enhance the image and quality of place of McAllen. The Chamber will also lead, partner or applaud efforts to improve McAllen.

The Chamber continues to focus on addressing issues and impacting areas important to our community’s success, and concentrates its time, energy and resources to making a difference in the following areas: 1) Creativity in several forms, especially the arts; 2) Innovation by encouraging new ideas and business opportunities; 3) Convention Sales that our Convention & Visitors Bureau brings to McAllen thereby encouraging people to spend their money in McAllen as well as Tourism where we concentrate on attracting Mexican Nationals and Nature Tourists to also come to our city and boost our economy; 4) Small Business Development & Entrepreneurship by developing new programs and events that help small businesses make money and become more successful; and 5) Quality of Place programs, issues and events where we can help to make McAllen an interesting, exciting and progressive place to live.

In 2014, the McAllen Chamber was designated a 5-Star Accredited Chamber of Commerce by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber staff, board of directors, and volunteers of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce spent countless hours completing the Accreditation process. The Chamber excelled in 9 core areas ranging from finance, program development, and government affairs to technology and facilities. The result of its hard work is evidenced by this impressive rating. This was truly a milestone achievement as only seven other Chambers of Commerce in Texas are accredited and the McAllen Chamber is the only accredited Chamber in the Rio Grande Valley.

Mission Statement

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce serves its members, community, and visitors by enhancing economic growth and quality of life through leadership, marketing and collaborative partnerships.

Core Values

  • To contribute to our members’ success and the community of McAllen’s success.
  • To meet or exceed our customers’/members’ expectations in programs, services, events, meetings, and organization.
  • To be an organization that fosters change, innovation, and improvements through calculated risks.
  • To recognize and respect the value and contribution that each member of the Chamber team makes to the overall success of the organization.
  • To be good stewards of the financial investment and trust placed in us by our customers and the community.
  • To be an organization that encourages volunteers to utilize their talents, resources, and contacts to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Chamber.

Customer Bill of Rights

  • We exist to serve our customers; our customers do not exist to serve us.
  • Our customers have the right to expect our best service.
  • Our customers have the right to be treated courteously through our words, manners, and actions at all times.
  • Our customers have the right to our full attention.
  • We will find solutions to our customers’ problems and respond quickly and accurately to their inquiries or issues.
  • We will strive to be a quality organization and will do the extra things that will enhance our services