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Larry Delgado co-owner, & bistro. and Salt-New American Table   1) What item would you not travel without? There are quite a few that are on my checklist. But the one I would never travel without is my wife. I wouldn’t know where to go, what to do next, where the good places to eat are if Jessica hadn’t planned them out before we left.  2) What is your greatest passion? If you ask me today, that has to be my children. The old cliché that your life turns upside down when kids come is true. I often was critical of my friends who said things like that, and lo and behold, it happened to me. It certainly changed my perspective on everything. 3) Where do you go for your favorite meal? Ahhh…food, my other passion! At one point it might have been the greatest, but it’s been superceded by my…

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Horacio Repetto, General Manager, GE Aviation   When people see the name GE, the first thing which comes to mind is typically appliances – washers, or refrigerators –  none of which will be found in this GE plant. With a motto of “Invent the Future of Flight, Lift People Up and Fly Them Home Safely,” it’s not hard to determine that this plant is all about jet engines. Manufacturing each part, and having the capacity to fix any jet engine, has made GE Aviation the largest manufacturer on this side of the border in the Rio Grande Valley. “‘Fly Them Home Safely’ is what all 550 of our employees live by,” said Horacio Repetto, General Manager of GE Aviation. “When we’re working on a part and ship it out of here to go back into an engine, it has to be perfect. We take a lot of pride to  ensure our…

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Co-owner of Minuteman Press What does a 26-year banking executive from First Community Bank, who was promoted to vice-president during her 15 years as the Bank Secrecy Act Anti-Money Laundering officer, do when she’s ready to move on? She finds a franchise she’d like to own, of course. Gina Cruz, co-owner with her husband of the Minuteman Press McAllen franchise, went to Farmingdale, New York last year for two weeks of intensive training.  “We learned the basics of how to operate and manage a professional printing company,” Cruz explained. “Minuteman Press is a full service printing and marketing design company offering competitive pricing and such services as advertising, printing, direct mail, and promotional items. Additionally, we offer in-house sublimation for local customers not wanting dozens of items.” “It was different at first, but now I enjoy talking to people,” she said.  Becoming involved in chambers around the Valley and as…

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