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Inventing a Reality: The McAllen Innovation Grant Awards

For the past year, Jorge Garcia and Fernando Ramirez of G Innovations have been working on a great project, their invention the EZ Baby bottle washing machine.  G Innovations was awarded an innovation grant of $10,000 for its invention of the baby bottle washing machine last June by the McAllen Chamber of Commerce.  The grant provided them additional funding to pursue two major steps in the inventing process: the patent and the prototype. “The McAllen Chamber of Commerce has been instrumental in the progress of our endeavor,” commented Ramirez.  “They provided the much needed funding for us to proceed to the next level.  And the best part of it – this was not a loan; we don’t have to repay these funds.”   The first step for G Innovations was to conduct a patent search and apply for a U.S. patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).…

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Work Underway on Landmark History Book: McAllen’s First 100 Years – Leading the Way

Almost 100 years ago – on the day before Valentine's Day – a few dozen men on February 13, 1911 voted to officially create (incorporate) the City of McAllen.    “For most of its history, McAllen was a dusty little farm town at the southern tip of Texas, long on cactus and short on jobs,” Ana Campoy with the Wall Street Journal recounted in her May 4, 2010 article on the City of Palms.   But a lot happens to a community in 100 years, and during that period, McAllen has been literally transformed from a South Texas border village into what McAllen Mayor Richard Cortéz today proudly portrays as “an international American city.” For many local residents, they still have wonderful memories of McAllen celebrating its “centennial” back in 2004, when a reported 7,000 visitors celebrated at Archer Park, according to the Online History of McAllen, Texas and the Surrounding Areas.…

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