2021 McAllen Innovation Grant Winners

Banibanana’s Bakery – Esmeralda Aceves

100% natural banana bread mixed with several toppings to choose from with a unique size and presentation. This product is paired with a digital experience that delivers directly to the customer’s door.

C squared – Patrick O’Day 

A cooling system for a ballistic vest using direct electric current passed between a juncture of metals.

Ketogenic Pizza – Karla Ugarte 

A healthy choice of large and personal size Ketogenic, low-carbohydrate, low-glycemic, diabetic-friendly, grain-free pizza that has less than 14 net carbs per pizza, or 5 net carbs per personal size.

Sabroso Vegan Nacho Cheese – Maria G Garcia-Salazar 

A vegan nacho cheese prepared with natural plant-based ingredients, without artificial colors, flavors, or additives. Additionally, this cheese is dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free.

The Chariot – Guillermo Martinez 

A wheelchair swing was created to give those that are bound to a wheelchair, a real-life experience of being gravity-free.


            2019 McAllen Innovation Grant Winners

Ammo Fire Starters, LLC – Cesar Gonzalez Jr.

Made out of a blend of waxes and wood, and shaped like a grenade, this product is a fun and reliable product to get any fire started. Unlike any other lighter fluid, it is safe and will not taint your food color or taste.

Edison Foods – Rosamaria Delgado

Bread that is fighting epidemic diseases related to obesity. Through its secret formula using natural ingredients, Edison Bread gives a rich taste, texture, and form while preserving a molecular structure of natural ingredients.

Lickstrips – Freddie Gaitan

Pre-packaged edible flavor strips that can easily be added on your drinks, fruits, or sodas. An easier and cleaner alternative of dressing a bottle, lickstrips are ready just to peel, stick and lick.

Lumina Direct Medical – Melissa Sanchez

A PVC chair for infection control. This medical device will reduce the threat of infection of its users. It can support patients of up to 450 lbs without risking their integrity or injury by fall.

The Adventures of EXO and CY – David Ceron

Adventures of XO and CY is an innovative children’s book that fights obesity and diabetes through a series of exercises that kids must do in order to continue reading.

Ya’ax Vegan Foods – Maria Jose Serrano

Multiple vegan foods that are not easily found in the market such as vegan mayos, chocolate hazelnut spreads, ranch, Italian dressings, and pizza crusts.


2018 McAllen Innovation Grant Winners

Be Still, Little Tree, Be Still – Shawn Russell

A children’s picture book that tells the story of a tree who, with the help of a wise old tree, learns to “be still” and overcome his fear of storms.

EZ Stud Finder – Juan L. Guerrero Sr.

A stud finder with a ruler and leveler included. This tool is easy to use and requires no batteries nor adjustments.

Janktafied Goodness LLC – Lamar Jones

A line of gourmet barbeque sauces and seasoning blends.

Lumina Direct Medical, LLC – Gilbert Moroles

A device that is designed to assist in strength and recovery for lower leg muscles through different levels of resistance and movement.

Rio Energy Bar – Irene Wazgowska

A gluten-free savory bar that packs approximately 15 grams of protein at less than 200 calories and 4 grams of carbohydrates.

Salsa Vinagreta – Rebecca Voore

A blend of salsa fresca with a vinaigrette fusion of wine and jalapeños.


2017 McAllen Innovation Grant Winners

Ranvu – Gloria Ordaz

By downloading this app to a smartphone, people can select their grocery store of choice and create and order their list of food and supplies. The items will be delivered to them within two hours.

Mirta – Mirthala Quintanilla

A purse for sports event attendees. With increased security now in place at sports events, and with fans still wanting team decorations, the Mirta will be a small purse to accommodate the normal necessities with their team colors.

WiFi Stand – Drew Lentz

A stand for commercial use to place wireless equipment anywhere, such as banquets, sporting events, convention centers or special event facilities.

TagU – Carlos Mandujano

Swipe and share technology allows a person to swipe his or her business card into a phone, then easily swipe to share on others’ phones, eliminating the need for paper.

Eco Tek Block – Obed Roque

A revolutionary construction block similar in shape to a Lego, made of recycled plastic. The blocks can be used to build commercial and residential structures easy, faster and more affordably with no need for such things as drywall or plywood.

Trusty – Vivian Villarreal

A diaper designed for men that are at bed rest, suffer incontinence or drivers without stops for long periods of time. Gentleman’s Assistant Pain-Free application is easy to use, safe and comfortable engineered.


2016 McAllen Innovation Grant Winners

Rio Grande Mesquite, LLC – Victoria Cappadona

Jelly and tea made from mesquite bean pods.

Right to Bear Arms Gun Case – Mark Morris

Gun Case that visually represents the Second Amendment “The Right to Bear Arms” represented by the right arm of a bear.

Glass Armor – Mario Moreno

An impact-resistant film used to prevent damage to automobile windshields.

Nuts and Cows – Elizabeth Davis

Gourmet snack manufacturing company that produces a medley of pecan products.

Loading Screen Studios – Brando Lugo

Video game software development company focused on phone applications. They have an existing app called “In The Year 2099”.

Ready Tee – Silvestre Trevino Jr.

An accessory golf product. A gold tee clip that may be worn on the belt, cap or pocket.

Transcend Alchemy – Claudio Fasci

A line of health and wellness superfood drinks and desserts.


2015 McAllen Innovation Grant Winners

Buttery by Nuts and Cows – Elizabeth Davis

Cruise Control Entretainment – Miguel Cruz

The Knife Glider – Samuel Shipp

AR Deodorants – Alejandra Rabago


2014 McAllen Innovation Grant Winners

The Reversible Footrest – Ramon Billescas

The Pliable iff Plastic Pallet – Sergio Sosa

Scope Perfection – Roberto Bravo

Janktafied Goodness LLC “The Jank” – Lamar Jones

EZ-Gauge – David Rodriguez


2013 McAllen Innovation Grant Winners

Panther Claw – Dario Samuel Olivarez

The Unmanned Polymobile  Vehicle – Roger Pecina

The Scanning Fame – David Watkins

In The Weeds Natural Skin Care – Lisa Torline

Bee Shield – Ludivina Avila


2012 McAllen Innovation Grant Winners

Guardian E-Health Solutions, INC – Gilberto Garcia

OrgFlo, LLC – Miguel Treviño

Seat Buddy – William Brinsdon

eJucomm – Dalinda Gonzalez-Alcantar


2011 McAllen Innovation Grant Winners

Bolt On Muzzle Brake – Jack York

Emergency Evacuation Stretcher – Hector Moroles

P2E Waste-to-Energy – Rodolfo Sanchez

eJucomm – Dalinda Gonzalez-Alcantar


2010 McAllen Innovation Grant Winners

Fiber Rio Technology – Ellery Buchanan

EZ Baby Bottle – Fernando Ramirez


2008 McAllen Innovation Grant Winners

Sal Tech – Urlic Cantu

LESA Bio Products -Martin Leal

Action Irrigation – Al Ragusin


2007 McAllen Innovation Grant Winners

Scientific Innovation and Solutions – Ron Borman

Plastic Light Rail King LLC – Kenneth Jones

Academic Success Plus – Joe Sanchez