Match 200 is a program developed by the McAllen Chamber of Commerce that is designed to mentor and assist business start-ups with an intense 90-day program to increase sales, marketing and profitability. The program has limited space and is a competitive selection process. Listed below are ten critical questions that must be completed. Also required is a commitment to attend a minimum of six sessions over 90-days and a willingness to be coachable.

Match 200

  • Example: Unlike (insert name of a competitor) our services are (insert what makes you better than your competition).
  • Match 200 is a mentoring program for business start-ups designed by the McAllen Chamber of Commerce to facilitate success for start-ups by providing personal mentoring over a 90-day period. The goal of Match 200 is to make significant advances for start-up businesses in ideas, sales, marketing, and profitability. The program is entirely voluntary and requires a “true” commitment by participating start-ups to implement suggestions made by “core” mentoring cells. The program requires a minimum of two monthly meetings (six total) with “core” mentoring cells. There may be additional meetings beyond the required two sessions per month. The other significant commitment is for the start-up business to be fully engaged and coachable and willing to take suggestions and directions. The start-up business must understand that success for a business in the long-term proposition is conditioned on the founder's willingness to be coachable and to explore other options, concepts, and thoughts.