Larry Delgado is Co-owner of House.Wine. & Bistro and SALT-New American Table

1) What is your favorite book? Aside from the dozens of cookbooks I have, I would say The Celestine Prophecy. I read that book about 20 years ago and it helped me change my perspective on things. I’ll never forget that book.

2) What is your favorite movie? That’s going to be tough because there are several movies that, if they are on, I have to watch them. The Rocky Series tops them all; the story of the struggle that he has to overcome in every movie. Also, Breakfast Club is one of my favorites. Tarantino is a beast. Reservoir Dogs is another one of my favorites.

3) What was your favorite vacation spot? I don’t think I’ve vacationed enough. For many years it was Fredericksburg. It was close to where we lived and was a great escape. Now, when we travel, we don’t like to go to the same place twice.

4) What is your life’s motto? Does my life have a motto? I try to leave a place better than I find it – whether it be a restaurant, relationship or city/community. I tell my staff that. Any time we do a catering event, I tell them to look around because we want to leave this place better than we found it.

5) Where were you born? Edinburg, Texas

6) What was a life-changing event in your life? The birth of our twins! When they came into our lives, everything changed. I think we’re all blessed with the same hours in a day and it’s up to us to do what we need to with those hours and my hours have changed tremendously.

7) What makes you laugh? My kids. I laugh a lot. I look for opportunities to laugh, especially at myself. Nothing better than a good, long, hard laugh that makes you cry.

8) What is the question you most want answered? What is the average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? This is a Monty Python quote and the question is never answered. I’m notorious for answering a question with a question amongst my staff. If I’m asked a question that someone should know the answer to already, I respond with that question. It’s something quirky about me.

9) What is the happiest thing for you to think about? Growing old with Jessica!

10) What time do you get up? I have an organic alarm clock that goes off at 7:30 every morning.

11) What is the first thing you do each morning? These days I reach for my babies.

12) What are any apps or other technology you use to get things done? I use my iPhone, my Mac. I rely heavily upon our operations manager to get me though the rest. We use Digital Red Book to communicate with all my managers online.

13) What is the last thing you do before going to bed? Kiss my wife.

14) What time do you go to sleep? Typically between 1 and 2 a.m.