1) What item would you not travel without? My toothpaste and brush. I also wouldn’t travel without my cell.

2) What is your greatest passion? My greatest passion is my family life. Preparing my three children for when we’re not there for them anymore. In today’s world, a lot of people still need help. It’s a different world. I just want to make sure they’re going to be ok. That’s always going to be my goal, regardless if they’re 20 or 40.

3) Where do you go for your favorite meal? Longhorn Steakhouse. There are a lot of restaurants out there but that’s a good ole reliable one. They’re very consistent, no matter which one I go to.

4) Who or what have been the main influences in your life/career? My wife, for putting up with me in this crazy hospitality business. I couldn’t have done it without her understanding, sacrifices, and taking care of the kids.

5) Who is a person you admire the most? Why? I have many, but I’ve been married to my wife for 30 years. She brought up our kids the right way. They’re good kids. The hotel is a 24/7 job. I worked weekends, holidays. I could have named a mentor, but my wife has really been through it all with me.

6) What do you see on your horizon in seven years? Having multiple grandchildren and preparing for my future retirement.

7) What do you do for fun? Walk my yellow Labrador, Daisy, in the park. It’s as simple as that.

8) What do you do to exercise? I walk the treadmill every day. I try to hit three miles a day, six days a week.

9) Where would you most like to travel? I love history and one day I’d love to go to Europe. For example, I’d like to go to England and be able to say, ‘Here’s where they beheaded the queen.’

10) Do you have a favorite style in clothes? Since work is business attire, at home I like to be in khaki shorts, comfortable shoes and shirt. That’s who I am on the weekends because I’m suit and tie during the week.

11) What’s your favorite car? My favorite is a Toyota Camry. I’ve had one for 12 years. I love them. I always get the new one. I’m thinking of getting the 2018 because that’s the new redesigned one.

12) A favorite song? I’m very eclectic. I listen to everything, but if I had a favorite song it would be “Jenny, Jenny 8675309” by Tommy Tutone. He was a one hit wonder.

13) Are there any rules you follow for success? Yes. Understanding, listening, being sincere and not judging. Sometimes I have an understanding of what a person’s situation is so when I hear them out I am able to say, ‘Ok, I understand.’

14) What’s your shoe size?

15) Who are two people you would like to dine with? John Kennedy, and Winston Churchill because he went through WWII. I just love history, and if it hadn’t been for certain things happening to Churchill, he would have gone down.

16) If you could, would you change anything about your life? I would lead a healthier life by eating better and I would quit smoking.

17) What is your favorite thing to cook? I don’t cook, so anything you can pop in the microwave.

Edward Lopez, general manager, Doubletree Suites, has a passion and a goal which touches the heart.

“My passion is to work hard and make sure my family is provided for,” he said.

For the last 24 years, Lopez has worked in the hospitality business, which has more than earned him the right to sit in that GM’s chair, missing recitals, kindergarten graduation and more.

“This business is difficult, but it gives me the ability to be able to help my family if they ever need my help,” Lopez stated. “I want to make sure they have a good life, good education and never have to worry about where their next meal comes from or if the electricity or rent is paid.”

At one point he wondered whether he’d taken it too far, but then came the reassurance.

“One night at a birthday dinner my wife had us all answer the question, ‘What’s your biggest memory?’ Simultaneously my kids said, ‘We always remember you at work.’”

“That jolted me at first until they both said, ‘Dad, you did the best you could to help us lead the lives we have. We’re so proud of you!’”

Being a strong leader for his staff is obviously part of the job, but, at the end of the day, it’s his family that has his heart.

“When I’m reaching my end days, I hope to be known as a good dad, good husband, and a good community member.”

I’ll bet he gets his wish.