1) What is your favorite book? Other than the Bible, I would say 1776 by David McCullough. It’s an interesting look at our founding fathers and, specifically, George Washington. You have a direct insight into his thought process, his feelings and his inner workings because it features practically all of his letters he wrote personally. It’s from the author’s point of view and we’re able to see the incredible intellectual powerhouse that Washington was. He wrote probably more letters in that short period of time than most people do emails today. They are so well-written, so eloquent. Each letter is so inspirational. It’s no wonder people elevated him to the status he had.

2) What is your favorite movie? It has to be Star Wars, the whole series. Star Wars, the first one is the one that captured me in 1977 as a young boy. It’s timeless. The little models and the photography and all the technology they used back then, it doesn’t get lost. It doesn’t look cheesy even today. It’s incredible. I love anything epic like Glory and The Last Samurai. I could watch those again and again.

3) What was your favorite vacation spot? I’d have to say, with the family, I had the best time in Costa Rica. It was such an adventure in that the flora and the fauna that we saw in the diverse ecosystems from the coast all the way to the mountains and the volcano. My parents, in their 70s, were there zip-lining along with us. From the youngest children, siblings and cousins, every- one was there. It was one of those combination place and family, all at once, experiencing something unique and different. That one really stood out with memories like jumping in the water with eight foot nurse sharks with my son, the snorkeling, paddle boarding and kayaking. Another place we love to go is Spain because I love the history and I find my roots there.

4) What is your life’s motto? My life’s motto, since I was a Boy Scout, is Do Your Best. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best, but if you do your best you always seem to come out in a good place. When I reach out to a Higher Power, I ask to be the best dad, husband, provider, whatever is my vocation at the time. When you’re a kid you want to be a good kid, then a good son, a good student. When you get beyond your student phase, you’re looking at a career and you want to be the best employee, then boyfriend, husband, father. You get to a point where your life gels and the next step is to be a good contributor to your community. Do your best while you walk the path of these vocations through your life.

5) Where were you born? Brownsville, Texas

6) What was a life changing event in your life? The birth of my son. When your son is born, the world is earthshaking. You think, ‘This is going to be incredible.’ What is it I can do to be the best dad that I can be? It’s a little bit much.

7) What makes you laugh? A lot of things make me laugh. I’m pretty easy going. My wife and her sisters, their banter and daily observations of people, places and things. They’re hilarious. When they get together, I just want to sit back and listen. I think it has to do with their beautiful Mexican heritage and colorful language.

8) What is the question you most want answered? What’s beyond? What’s next because this can’t be it. We have so much to do and so much to offer in a life.

9) What is the happiest thing for you to think about? It changes as I go through each stage in life. What makes me happy is when the family is together, my wife, myself, my son, my parents, brothers and sisters, etcetera.