Susana Cole
Property Manager

Have you ever gone looking for an apartment to live in? Maybe back in college days? Maybe yesterday? An apartment complex can be many things to the variety of people who live there. However, the one thing that is most important is that it feels like home. That is exactly how it feels to many of the residents who live at Hearthstone Apartments.

When you are first looking for that new apartment to turn into a home, taking in the lay of the land, surveying the landscaping, and inspecting the care of the buildings might first garner your attention.

The warm, inviting colors of this well-kept complex will easily catch the eye of an apartment hunter. The meticulously maintained landscape of Hearthstone could possibly make your car pull directly into the office located in the center of the 308-unit complex.

“This property was built in 1996,” said Susana Cole, property manager for Hearthstone Apartments. “We have three phases of one to three-bedroom apartments with eight floor plans.”

Part of a group of three Valley apartment complexes – Hearthstone, Keystone Apartments in Weslaco, and Cornerstone Apartments in Harlingen – WLS Interest Management Company keeps the property in top form.

Another positive aspect of the complex is the staff. A property manager’s job is a multi-faceted one, and Cole has the kind-hearted bearing of a mother, and a business-focused mind well able to run one of the largest complexes in McAllen.

“We wear a variety of hats. I must play the role of an attorney, a counselor, a mediator,” she laughed. “I have to be a good listener, a problem solver. We lease to people looking for a decent, safe place to live and we take care of their homes.”

Caretaker could be added to her list of responsibilities. Watching over her residents is an additional task she has added to her job. Take the elderly retired nurse who now has a hard time taking out her trash.

“We know she’ll put her trash by her front door, so our maintenance personnel will dispose of it for her. If she needs help with something else, we do our best to help her. It’s just something we would do for all our residents.”

Cole has been in the business for over 10 years, and has been at Hearthstone Apartments for the last five. It takes a special person – a people person – to hold the job as property manager.

I think this is what I’m supposed to do. I love meeting and working with all the different people who live here,” Cole said.

Her delight in working with the residents is apparent in the mornings when many stop by the apartment’s coffee bar for their caffeine boosts before going off to work, or when stopping in during the day to grab a cup and a conversation. Any resident may stop by.

“Our coffee machine serves espresso, cappuccino, and hot chocolate,” she said.

“There are medical students, professionals, doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, and a lot of families. We have people who work from home also. We get a lot of students in the summer getting ready for the fall semesters.”

Being almost 25 years old hasn’t slowed the complex down.

“We upgraded around four years ago, from the outside to the inside. We added granite counter tops, hardwood-looking flooring, carpet, and of course, we painted. Our open floor plans are quite popular,” she said.
The inclusion of two fastidiously cared for pools, a play center for kids, a dog-park for those furry friends, a newly renovated state-of-the-art fitness center, five gas barbeque grilling stations, and three laundry mats are additional complex attractions. Garages are also available as well as additional storage areas.

Hearthstone Apartments is well known for its Easter and Halloween parties that a recent newcomer made the move just to enjoy the fun he could have there.

An apartment complex really is so much more than just a place to live. It’s also a community that looks out for its residents. This gated community is certainly that.

Movie nights with popcorn, pizza, candy, and snacks all furnished by the complex is another way of bringing residents together, getting to know each other, and helping everyone feel more relaxed in their environment.

An additional incentive is their 24/7 Emergency Maintenance program which will ensure that a resident’s needs of air conditioning, water, and electricity will always be met.

Hearthstone’s management team sees another major perk of its complex – the location. Within minutes of a plethora of restaurants and shopping opportunities, Hearthstone residents enjoy being ideally located to take advantage of McAllen’s many amenities to the fullest.

“We have people who have lived here many years,” Cole said. “We build solid relationships with them and most of our residents. We see them so often that over time a relationship easily develops.”