An Oasis in Life’s Stormy Weather Cryo Body Perfections By Roda Grubb

Out of pain comes gain ― if you let it. Though this saying has been around for ages, Margret De Bruyn, Managing Director of Cryo Body Perfections, knows it for a fact.

After a major war with an 18-wheeler, De Bruyn, a pilates instructor, weightlifter, and health advocate living in San Antonio, was in major pain due to back injuries and pinched nerves.

“I’m allergic to painkillers and nothing was working to help stop the pain except ice treatments at the chiropractors,” De Bruyn explained. “When a tri-athlete friend suggested I try a new treatment that had helped her called cryotherapy, I thought, ‘Why not?’”

Hoping for immediate results, it wasn’t until the following morning she discovered she had miraculously slept all night and had been able to get out of bed in 20 minutes instead of 45. The more she underwent cryotherapy treatment, the better she felt. She found she could work out again and her migraines decreased, to name a few of the positive effects.

Deciding to bring it back home to the Valley, she started Cryo Body Perfections, next to Quips and Quotes on North 10th Street in McAllen.

“I wanted to share this magic with others because if you have chronic pain, it’s not a fun place to be. Going to dinner can be a whole event of navigating the chair to questioning, ‘How long can I sit in this chair?’”

When customers repeatedly asked her about services that could freeze off fat, she brought in CoolSculpting, a non-invasive fat removal treatment system that helps to remove inches. De Bruyn continued to expand her business, adding NormaTec Compression, a massage compression system for the legs, hips, and arms that helps with circulation and moving out toxins.

“We’ve added hydration and vitamin IV’s for recovery as well, and we have a cancer platform for cancer patients,” she added.

Passionate about her business, De Bruyn gets emotional as she sums up her company.

“I’ve found life is not easy. If there is just a little while where I can help someone have an oasis to escape to for a break, and then feel more ready to handle what life is giving them, then that is what I want Cryo Body Perfections to be.”