Being Centered

There are lots of challenges in the workplace. Finding the balance between being “all-in” and productive and keeping your life in balance is hard, especially in today’s world of being connected to work 24/7 every day. The productivity experts tell us that finding a balance or “being centered” is critical, not only for strong performances, but also for living a life that is filled with joy and fulfillment.

So how does a person find that balance in a world that appears to be going faster and faster every day? The answer lies not in just one solution, but in a variety of thoughts and processes that bring our focus to how we think and our attitudes. Like most things in life, there is a discipline to achieving “being centered.” Here is a list of some of the key elements, based on what several experts have written and discussed:

1) Sleep. We are a nation deprived of sleep, and it is causing harm to our health and performance. The ability to function at a high level is based on the amount of energy and focus we bring to a task. Sleep is a key element for energy and focus. Why do you think special forces training deprives special forces candidates of sleep? Because fatigue and mistakes go hand-in-hand.

2) Prayer/Meditation. Regardless of your faith background (or understanding of a higher power), we are not in control. Focusing the mind and soul on something greater than ourselves has great healing and energizing powers.

3) The “No” Effect. We get concerned that people will think less of us if we say “no” to every event, project or opportunity that comes our way. In reality, we can only do a few things well. Why dilute our energy and talents by doing things we care little about and for which we have no passion? Learning to say “no” is hard, but the dividends are huge.

4) Gratitude. I saw in Tom Brady’s post this week, after he had time to reflect on losing the super bowl, that he expressed gratitude and thankfulness to his teammates, coaches, fans, owner and even the Philadelphia Eagles football team and fans. He demonstrated and said how lucky he had been this season and how appreciative he was of the opportunities. Tom Brady showed why he may be one of the best quarterbacks ever-gratitude.

5) Food. Food should be more than just a substitute for what a person is missing elsewhere in their life or an addiction. Food should be a positive source of energy. Understanding what food and types of food groups do to your body is a step toward understanding food and energy. Make food your fuel and not a substitute for something missing in your life or a kind of stress relief.

6) Regeneration Place. The well-centered person has that place where he relaxes and reenergizes his life. The experts tell us it should be a place that you find peaceful and tranquil and not some place that you go to only occasionally, but readily available during your week.

Set aside your phone. We have become addicted to our smart phone and are constantly checking our phones because of the endorphins it releases in our brain. There is a chemical dependence that develops when we are constantly looking at our phones.

Seven things we can do to find a more “centered life.” Not an easy task when you think through the implications of trying to work these elements into your life.

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