Becoming a Bob Goodwin Award Winner takes a lot of work, persistence and love for the McAllen Chamber of Commerce.

Marie Perez exemplifies what a good Chamber member and a good Ambassador stand for, and she credits it all to Bob Goodwin.

“When we moved down here in the late ‘70s, I became involved with the Chamber, joining the President’s Club, now the Ambassadors,” Marie explained. “I met Bob and would watch him work. He knew everybody because he went to everything, representing the Chamber and the bank he worked for. He was somebody special everyone knew, respected and loved. I thought to myself, ‘I want to be like him.’”

Because she is so like Bob in many ways, selling over $10,000 worth of memberships, she has reached her goal. Marie believes her successful 28 year career in the hospitality industry, including her 11 years at the Tower Club, was due to the McAllen Chamber.

“I know the award is mainly because of the money I was able to bring to the Chamber, but I also think it’s because I really believed in the Chamber. I’ve met everybody I know because of this Chamber. I just love it.”

Now retired but still an active Chamber/community volunteer, Marie is having the time of her life keeping up with her over 25 grandchildren.