Satisfied customers. That’s what most pleases Miguel Brito, co-owner of Brito Construction. Though the company does all forms of construction – home construction, residential remodeling, commercial finish-outs and residential developments – Miguel’s favorite is residential.

“Commercial is often easier because doing residential means working with individuals who can be more detailed and finicky,” Miguel said. “But, I like that moment when I give the family the keys and see them happy.” 

The company started 23 years ago when Brito’s father came from Venezuela. His brother joined him from Mexico.

“My Uncle Juan found a piece of land at Bentsen and Pecan,” Miguel said. “We bought the land, developed the streets, and built the 181 lots by phases. It was called Bentsen Heights.”

Today, Miguel and his cousin, Pilar Brito, run the organization. Building at least 30 to 35 homes a year, among their other projects, they have a staff of five.

“We’re all part of the team,” Miguel said. “The rest is all done with our sub-contractors. We’ll construct any style – big, small, brick, stucco.”

The company continues to develop subdivisions. A new apartment complex in Weslaco is another project under way.

Listening closely to their customers’ wants and needs helps them design plans for custom homes, whether building on customers’ lots or the company’s. 

“We want to be one of the top companies in the Valley for building a great product of top quality, completed by a team with high integrity,” Miguel said. “I love it when I see my clients in restaurants, on the streets, in banks and supermarkets. They’ll call out to me, ‘Hi, Miguel! How are you? We love our home!’ It makes me feel good.”

With Your Satisfaction is Our Goal as its motto, Brito Construction is well on the way to achieving its intentions.