Legends / McAllen Transitional Care Center is a seven wing, 70- bed short-term care center for those who have gone through traumatic injuries, surgeries or hospital stays and need 24/7 care. This is the place to go. 

“This is the only place that’s an actual short-term transitional facility here in the Valley,” said Operations Manager Ediel Barrera. “One of our stand-out features is that the majority of our rooms are private. Each room is fitted with a mini-fridge, telephone, TV, and each has its own shower and restroom.”

Barrera, with a Master’s in Occupational Therapy, is in the process of testing for his administrators license, and feels he understands what the patients need, and what they’re going through.

“I get to communicate those needs with our nursing department in a way which can improve the quality of care we provide to our patients,” said Barrera.

Open 24/7, Barrera brags about the staff of 110 employees, which covers the three shifts of nursing, housekeepers, CNAs, therapists, and administrative personnel.

“We have an amazing therapy staff with the majority of them having been together since Legends opened almost 15 years ago,” he said.

It’s all about excellent care with the most modern equipment in this facility.

“Our nurse to patient ratio runs about 10 to 12 patients per nurse,” he explained. “Our residents have just come from the hospital and require more attention from us in the areas of wound care, IVs/meds and other specialized care. We have daily visits from physicians, PAs and Nurse Practitioners.”

Another unique service the facility offers is outpatient therapy. Patients don’t need to stay at Legends to get specialized care, they can simply come in the front door and receive physical, occupational and/or speech therapy.

Legends offers comprehensive services to patients as well as to their families. 

“We do the best we can for the families to make their stays more comfortable,” Barrera explained. “We can provide sleeper sofas and chairs should family members wish to stay with their loved one.”

Having been a Director of Rehab for three and a half years and understanding the challenges rehab patients and their loved ones face, Barrera is eager to continue his part in making McAllen Transitional Care Center the very best it can be.