Business You Should Know – Mail-Pak Your Box Store

DSC04037-Edit-EditNeed shoes, a Christmas tree, or perhaps a TV with a surround sound system you sold on Craig’s list packaged and shipped? Where do you go to be sure the item is properly packed and safely shipped? Mail-Pak Your Box Store, offers just those services.

Owner Ray Norton, a former executive, stays current with the trends in shipping stores. Offering a variety of services such as year round gift-wrapping, the rentalof private mail boxes, packaging, boxes, and shipping, he’s recently added new services.

“The traditional mail and parcel center stores are becoming a thing of the past,” Norton said. “In order for us to continue to flourish, we continue to add other services.” Norton said.

Norton listens to his customers and follows popular trends covered by Retail Shipping Associates, the industry organization he belongs to. He recently installed FotoZoomer, for instance, which prints color pictures, banners, posters, signs, and calendars up to 44 inches wide and 1440 dpi resolution.

“This is McAllen’s only commercial quality photo printing operation in a retail store,” Norton said. “We also offer a new Graphic Design and Digital Color Printing Service. With this service we now offer color brochures, business cards, flyers or multi-page booklets.”

Norton purchased the store September of 1998, and is a strong believer in superior customer service.

“I love people. I love my employees. I love my customers!” he said.

With the promise “if you can get it through the front door, we’ll ship it,” Norton and his staff of five cheerfully aid their clientele with any problems or projects they have.

“Running this store is probably the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done,” he said.