Rene Capistran

Rene Capistran, President/CEO of Noble Texas Builders, looked up the word noble on Google thinking he knew what it meant.

“It means so much more than I thought,” he recalled. “This is it!” Thrilled, he accepted the word and all that it meant as the cornerstone of his company. “Now we work every single day to live up to it.”

Only from a solid background would that word bring such meaning and emotion. Capistran joined the Navy after high school graduation and spent the next four years in law enforcement.

“We were on base and served and protected our service members there.” Stationed in Dallas, it was the streets of Ft. Worth that would inspire him one day.

“They have beautiful buildings downtown. I would see the cranes working and wished I could build something like that. It was my passion, what I wanted to do.”

Entering law enforcement for a few years after the Navy brought him back home to the Valley. Deciding to take a different direction, he joined his brother’s construction firm, eventually leading him to SpawGlass, a large contracting firm where he finished his 15 years as Division President of South Texas in 2014.

Joining with Patrick Williams and Alfredo Garcia, they worked under the umbrella of Noble General Contractors of El Paso until they were ready to be on their own and the award winning Noble Texas Builders was born.

Using the concept of enjoying the building process and working with people they truly appreciated, their motto is blazoned across their conference room wall – To Inspire Hope, Improve Lives and Strengthen Communities We Live In.

As the company grew from three people to 87, taking on clients such as the Navy, Army, Sonic, H-E-B, and universities, Capistran chose to take it to another level.

“We created Noble Charities Foundation, where we give back,” he said.

With education as their main goal, not only do they give to support students, they are rolling out new programs in 2022 to inspire teachers to create engaging learning environments and continue their education to bring dual enrollment eligibility to the classroom.

His goal?

“I hope we can inspire people to join us in our mission to improve where we live by finding a way to help and pay it forward.”
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