Joshua Hill
Chief Instructor

Finding a need and filling it is the mainstay of any entrepreneur. Ex-Navy Air Traffic Controller and current Air Traffic Controller for the McAllen Miller International Airport Joshua Hill’s roll as entrepreneur expanded last year.

Along with VIP Travel Consultants in McAllen, Joshua is the Chief Instructor of five total for South Texas UAV, (unmanned aerial vehicle), otherwise known as a drone. It was one of his travel clients who made him aware of the lack of training for anything drone related in the Valley.

Not only does UAV hold classes in how to fly a drone, it also teaches people how to open a commercial drone business, answering such questions as: Where do customers come from? How do we market our business? What insurance coverage is necessary?

Most important is the class which trains people how to pass their 14 CFR (code of federal regulations) Part 107 tests to get their commercial remote pilots certificates. That magic card will give the holder a legal right to operate a commercial drone. Making training affordable and viable were their goals in designing the classes.

“As an aviation professional, it’s critically important we get people flying legally,” Joshua said. “What it’s going to do is allow for the UAV community to continue to grow.”

South Texas UAV also provides aerial mapping services, aerial photography, videography and survey work.

Passionate about the new business, Joshua is cognizant of the gravity of the business.

“When you operate a UAV, you’re still operating something flying in the airspace which could be just as dangerous as a regular aircraft. I enjoy knowing we’re building a responsible community of UAV operators which makes the whole system safer.”

Pros of Using UAVs:
• Reduced costs to fly vs. using a manned aircraft.
• Improves safety having a huge impact on law enforcement: Search & Rescue can survey a large space in a short period of time. Firefighters use them to assist in identifying hot spots in fires.
• Doing survey work, UAVs can cover a large area quickly, saving farmers valuable time.
• Improves safety in inspections such as with power lines and windmills.
• Has a tremendous business impact by making aerial listings for real estate agencies affordable to help sell property.