A. Jimmy Garza

Flowing in springs from the 18,491-foot-tall Orizaba, North America’s third highest mountain, is a delicious, pure mineral water made from rain and snowmelt that filters through the volcanic strata.

Learning about the widespread consumption of Puebla, Mexico’s Tehuacán region mineral water, A. Jimmy Garza, CEO of Tehuacán Brillanté Water realized the taste was clean and fresh with no aftertaste. He knew he wanted to be a part of introducing it to the world.

While researching the field of mineral waters, Garza found the overall growing trend in beverages is towards health and wellness. “People want to drink something that is good for them. They know sweet sodas are not, which explains the big boom towards mineral waters,” Garza explained. “Tehuacán Brillanté Sparkling Natural Mineral Water is naturally sourced and provides beneficial minerals. It’s a great natural beverage alternative for the public.”

He believes the American people have a longstanding love for Mexico and, despite the country’s current issues, look forward to products from the vital country full of healthy, delicious products.

“We are bringing a product to the U.S. and telling the story about the region, the city, and what is happening in that part of Mexico,” Garza continued. “This product is a sparkling mineral water which will fill an exclusive niche in the bottled water industry.”

Extending the line, a zero-calorie flavored sparkling mineral water is in the works. Garza feels certain the public is moving beyond the expected choices in search of something authentic and natural. How could anyone say no to drinking mineral water sourced from the springs of Tehuacán, the “Place of Gods?”