Business You Should Know – Valley Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Gary Schwarz   As a child, all Dr. Gary Schwarz wanted to do was become a farmer.

“That’s what my dad was and I loved working the land. I was influenced at an early age because the woods where my dad and grandpa used to hunt were no longer there, only fields of agriculture. Where had it all gone? I wanted to be part of bringing it back,” Schwarz said.

However, his mother put a stop to that.

“You’re not going to put your family through that!” she stated emphatically.

“Be a doctor!” said his father. And so, while in college, he tried watching various medical surgeries but found himself passing out cold at each one. Choosing Dentistry instead, he enrolled at Baylor Dental College. While there discovered Oral Surgery, an extremely competitive field.

“I watched the surgeries, didn’t get sick and was fascinated by them. I walked out of there knowing this is what I had to do,” he said.

Today, he has the best of both worlds. On his ranch he has built his own lakes and, together with his innovations on bass nutrition, is working with Texas Parks and Wildlife to bring the World Record for Largemouth Bass back to the U.S. This was after he developed the Tecomate Seed to grow larger white-tailed deer in South Texas.

In his practice, he’s become one of the top five implant surgeons in the nation for Nobel Biocare, the largest implant company in the world. Currently, he is preparing to publish a paper announcing the first predictable treatment for bone loss around implants using a laser protocol he has developed together with Millenium Dental Technologies. Frequently lecturing for both companies around the country and performing all manner of oral and maxillofacial surgery, without passing out, his life is rich.

“I’m blessed because I was born in the Valley and raised here. I have a passion for the culture and the people and I love the climate and wildlife. This is my home,” he said.

Ready to expand, he’s now searching for a partner to help his prospering practice. Wrapping up the interview, he humbly admits who deserves all the credit.

“God did all this for me. He just does it along with the incredible wife, family and staff He has blessed me with.”