Change Presents Opportunity

One of the vital elements for success in the 21st century is the “connectivity” of a community, its businesses, and its leadership to the key economic drivers of the city. When elements that sustain those economic drivers change, it creates an opportunity to bring together key players and business groups to look for innovative methods to connect and drive economic development in positive ways for the community.

For the community of McAllen, several conditions are driving change. Shopping patterns, the peso value against the dollar, the recent unrest in Reynosa, as well as the rhetoric coming out of Austin and Washington have created challenges and new opportunities for our city. Doing nothing or simply hoping and wishing things will get better is not an option.

That is why leaders from the City of McAllen, the McAllen Chamber of Commerce and McAllen EDC have launched the aggressive #SeeYouInMcAllen regional marketing campaign using social media, radio, print ads, billboards, e-mails and other platforms to promote McAllen for shopping, playing, eating and staying. We share a strong familial bond within this entire region that has been built through decades of relationships and shared economies and futures.

Our three primary markets of focus are the South Texas triangle, Northern Mexico, and the Rio Grande Valley itself. Our #SeeYouInMcAllen marketing initiatives reach out to each region in a highly targeted way to highlight the best McAllen has to offer.

The opportunities are in front of us. Economic growth is in front of us. We are moving forward together.

Here are just a couple of things you can do to help push forward and create the opportunities we deserve:

  1. Use social media to tell your success stories of McAllen. When you talk about McAllen, talk about the positive things happening in our community.
  2. Continue to be friendly and open to visitors and guests from other parts and regions of the nation and the world.
  3. Display the Amigos Always sticker on your business front door (stickers are free and can be picked up at the McAllen Chamber).
  4. Give your front line employees the Amigo Always button to wear (buttons are free and can be picked up at the McAllen Chamber).

Together we will lead McAllen into an era of prosperity, growth, unity, and improved community.