Inter National Bank First Certified McAllen Chamber "Green Business"

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce has announced that Inter National Bank has been the first to qualify as a certified “McAllen Green Business.”

Inter National Bank Executive Vice President Karen Valdez was enthusiastic about her bank’s participation in the new program. “INB has been environmentally conscientious for a long time, and we are continually looking for more ways to recycle and to save natural resources ourselves and for our customers,” she said. “This program allows us to promote the fact that we are being responsible corporate citizens, and it hopefully will encourage other McAllen businesses to participate in it as well.”

Inter National Bank’s designation kicks off a new program from the Chamber of Commerce, the follow-up to its 4-year-old Green Hotel Certification Program.

“18 hotels are participating in the Green Hotel Certification Program,” said Nancy Millar, Vice President and Director of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce’s Convention and Visitors’ Bureau. “The Green Business Certification Program is the next logical step for us in working to create and market McAllen as a greener, more sustainable city.”

Participation in the program is simple, Millar explained. From a list of 45 ways to save energy and resources, from printing on both sides of paper to using environmentally sensitive cleaning supplies to making smart choices when remodeling, businesses select a minimum of 10 and commit to instituting them. That earns them a Level One Certification. After two years of program adherence, the businesses are then eligible for Level Two Certification, requiring adherence to a minimum of 15 suggestions. The third and final tier requires a commitment to institute 20 of the list’s ideas.

Inter National Bank has committed to 25 suggestions for the first year. “That sets the bar very high,” Millar said.

“Living more sustainably isn’t a fad, it’s a trend,” said Millar. “Local residents and visitors alike expect sustainable efforts more and more often. They’re noticed, and appreciated. So it makes sense financially, environmentally and from a marketing perspective.”

Participating businesses receive window stickers and exposure in McAllen Chamber of Commerce marketing materials.

To participate in the Green Business Certification Program, fill out and return the form on the McAllen Chamber of Commerce’s website at

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