McAllen Chamber Seeking Nominations for Prestigious Man & Woman of the Year Awards

We have all had the opportunity to be associated with individuals from the McAllen area who have distinguished themselves for their outstanding volunteer service to our community, and sometimes these members of our community don’t receive the recognition they deserve.  Every year, the McAllen Chamber of Commerce Man & Woman of the Year Selection Committee selects two outstanding volunteers to receive the honor of McAllen’s Man & Woman of the Year.

To distinguish these deserving individuals, we ask for your nominations to make this recognition a reality for McAllen’s most deserving people.  If you know individuals you feel need to be recognized for their acts of exceptional kindness and tireless energy, or someone who has organized a program for the betterment of our community, given their time and talent to teach, lent a helping hand to those in need, or just made the special effort to ensure that “good things happen” for others, please nominate them.

The Man & Woman of the Year are recognized at the Chamber’s Annual Banquet, which will be held on November 1 in McAllen.  Deadline for submission of nominations is Monday, August 20, 2018.

For more information or an application, please call Gerry Garcia at the McAllen Chamber at 682-2871 or

Pictured are Janet Vackar and Paul Moxley

2017 Man & Woman of the Year