McAllen Sports – Trophies, Signage, and Really Big Murals

by Roda Grubb

It’s fitting that we highlight a McAllen Chamber member who has played such a prominent role in our local sports scene – especially now that the McAllen Youth Baseball Complex has finally opened. Featuring 11 gorgeous baseball fields, an additional Miracle Field which complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards, a concession area, and plenty of parking, this facility is sure to make a lasting mark like McAllen Sports.

Jorge Salcines opened McAllen Sports in 1979, following in his father’s footsteps but choosing to do it his way. “I grew up in the business, working at International stores, my father’s department stores, since I was 13,” Jorge began. “After college, I worked there until I got married. Then, I quit my job, and opened my business.” At one point, McAllen Sports grew to include seven sporting good stores and two department stores in McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville.

“I had no life,” he said. “I lived in a car. After 22 years on the road, and missing a near disaster on a rainy day, I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore.” Closing all but the downtown McAllen store, Jorge simplified his life and defined his business. “Express You,” a division of McAllen Sports, focuses on custom awards. “If you can think it, we can probably make it,” states an enthused Jorge. Their list of services includes embroidery, screen printing, glass engraving, trophies, signage, banners, sublimation and wide format printing. McAllen Sports is always looking for new services to offer their customers.

Sometimes McAllen Sports is just about plain fun. Jorge had six new murals painted on the alleyway behind his store. Stand between two ginormous wings and become either a monarch butterfly or an angel. Tumble into a vortex that will take you who knows where.

Text your loved ones a huge “Wish You Were Here” sign, tune into the 30-foot mural of the 17th Street radio or send out a friendly “¿Hola! Como Estas?” with a gigantic frog. Jorge Salcines gives credit to his longtime staff and takes pride in giving back to his community.