Marketing Director,
ServPro of McAllen

Myra Pereira’s life is packed chock-full with work and family.

Becoming an ambassador about six months ago, Myra jumped in with both feet.

“I love it. Business has boomed,” she commented. “I encourage anybody who is with the Chamber to start coming out to the ribbon cuttings because it will increase your business. You get to meet a lot of business owners, managers and supervisors.”

Working for ServPro of McAllen fits her perfectly.

“I do the marketing, and it’s meeting and mingling with at least 20 to 30 people per day. Since ServPro of McAllen is a restoration company, anyone could need us. We take care of emergencies from hurricanes to leaking water heaters or ACs. We’ll handle all the mitigation and do whatever’s necessary to be restored-sheetrock, insulation, and furniture, for example.”

For the time being, her primary job is raising her two children, a son, 23, and a daughter, 18. Attending STC with modifications, her son will graduate in July with a history degree.

“I certainly do not lead a dull life!” she said. “I have a lot going on.”