Eddie Borrego

Multi-media Sales Executive

Gatehouse Media


Eddie Borrego, Multi-media Sales Executive for Gatehouse Media, is a problem solver who has found his niche.

“I love what I do working with business owners and finding the right idea for each of them,” Borrego said. “Talking with the business owners about how they started and where their passions came from to start their businesses fascinates me.”

“Coming up with digital campaigns and multi-media packages is my specialty. With the Valley Town Crier, we reach about 100,000  and another 50,000 digitally.”

An entrepreneur himself, doing projects on the side, video editing and keeping on top of technology keeps him busy.

Being an ambassador has helped turn this introvert into an extrovert, which is perfect for his job.

“I love being an ambassador, going to ribbon cuttings and congratulating the owners, “he said. “Watching the established business owners also gives me insight I use to help my customers. I love helping people out at the end of the day and I try to help new business owners develop the right marketing plan for them.”