For the first eight years of his life, Carlos Lopez, credit officer at Greater State Bank, grew up in Redwood City, California. It was there his late grandmother made history as the first Hispanic female bank vice-president in the area, working her way up with only a high school degree. 

“Ever since I was 11, I wanted to pursue a career in banking,” Lopez said. “I love what I do.”

When Greater State Bank became a chamber member, Lopez went to an Ambassador meeting and was hooked.

“It’s about getting out in the community, getting to know people, and helping the Chamber in any way I can.”

Along with his wife, they lead the board of Keep McAllen Beautiful. Carlos as president, his wife the vice-president, and their 5-year old daughter is an unofficial junior board member thanks to her participation in nearly all volunteer events. 

“Church, family, work, Keep McAllen Beautiful, and Ambassador, you put those all together and that is who I am.”