Chris Salazar, World Financial Group

The definitive word describing Chris Salazar, associate, World Financial Group, is entrepreneur; but then, business wizard, risk taker, or visionary could also fit.

Having worked for a national publishing company in Houston, Salazar decided to return  home to the Valley. He launched The Blue Book, a medical directory, as well as a healthcare policy magazine called DOCTalk with nationwide readership.

Battling two bouts of non-Hodgkin lymphoma brought Chris to his knees, so the workaholic made a drastic change, taking time off to discover the joy of living.

“When I discovered World Financial Group I fell in love with its mission.” Salazar grinned. “People in serious financial trouble come, and I teach them how to get out of trouble. I love doing that. Without making a single sale, I can change their lives through financial literacy education.”

Chris takes being an Ambassador seriously.

“I think being an Ambassador for the McAllen Chamber is an absolute privilege. Not only do you get to represent the best Chamber in the Valley, but you get to be amongst absolutely amazing people with the same mission and goals you have.”