Gabriel Barreto, a Sergeant First Class in the U.S. Army, has a passion and it’s his job. Training those under his command to become competent leaders, critical thinkers, experts in personnel management, and managing egos and people is what gets him hopping out of bed in the morning.

Without question, the Army has proven to be more than Barreto ever expected.

“You can have any one of 150 different skills to join and only 10 percent are related to the area of combat capacity,” states Barreto. “The rest are areas such as logistics, human resources, finance, reporters, broadcasters, and cameramen.”

This 13-year non-commissioned officer with two trips to Afghanistan and Iraq under his belt, has his goal to embed the Army within the community, sponsoring events, and educating people on the depth of opportunities the Army has to offer.

Married with three kids, Barreto loves working out, participating in sports, and even encouraged the whole office to run in the recent McAllen Marathon, which the Army sponsored.

Finding his passion as a recruiter led to him developing as a recruiting leader and station commander training others, his Army career niche.