Janie Ramos-Vela
General Manager, Studio 6 Extended Stay Hotel

Inspired by the hotel’s re-grand opening and the feeling of welcome received from Augie Lozano, 2016 chair of the Ambassadors, Janie Ramos-Vela, general manager, Studio 6 Extended Stay hotel, decided then and there to become one of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce’s Ambassadors. Janie joined the team in October of 2016, and since then has found her shyness taking a back seat, and her enthusiasm for meeting the people who are working for the same thing she is – success – coming to the forefront.

Working for Studio 6 for over 13 years, she remembers her first days of part-time, night time auditor, then working her way up to General Manager as the years passed.

“I love meeting the various people who come here,” she said. “I’ll always remember the woman who started her stay pretty grumpy. I stopped to talk with her one day and found out she had been a president’s campaign manager. Listening to her life’s story seemed to break the tension, and she became an ideal visitor.”

These days Janie spends her off-time with her grandchildren who fill her heart with love and joy.

“Being adopted, I find my family means the most to me, and I never tire of sharing my life with them,” she said.