Jerry & Sandie Treviño

VomFASS Owners


If anyone is the least bit a foodie, VomFASS is the place to go. With a European ambiance and good old-fashioned Texas hospitality, this gem of a store in the Palms Crossing shopping center by the Convention Center, co-owned by Jerry and Sandie Treviño, allows taste-testing of its one-of-a-kind products – special vinegars, oils, wines and liquors. 

Leaving the corporate world behind with 33-years in insurance for Jerry and 30 years as a Security First Credit Union officer for Sandie, these foodies found VomFASS on their honeymoon in San Francisco, and returned on every visit to the Bay area.

“I wasn’t even thinking of anything in particular after one especially hard day at work when I came home and told Sandie I was ready for something different,” Jerry began. “Before I knew it, she was on the phone checking out the opportunity to franchise with VomFASS.”

At first it was a “Jerry” deal, but Jerry had other plans. Going over the franchise book, Jerry gave Sandie another option.

“In order for this to work, it’s going to take both of us,” he told her. “We’re either all in or we’re all out. You need to retire. I didn’t have to ask her twice.”

One of the first things they did was join the McAllen Chamber of Commerce where Sandie had already been active.

“I told him we needed to join the McAllen Chamber because it was a wonderful organization,” Sandie related. “As an Ambassador, I am always very excited to see new businesses open in McAllen, especially the small businesses. You get to meet the owners, and I found that we have a lot in common as business owners.”

“Being an ambassador has been one of the greatest things,” Jerry added. “From the people we’ve met to the connections we’ve made to marketing our business, the McAllen Chamber has done exactly what we hoped and expected.”

Continuing to learn about their unique business and sharing their passion in their work, this husband and wife Ambassador team doubles their pleasure, having chosen to be all in.