Joe Hernandez, Manager of the  McAllen branch of Ric Brown Family Funeral Homes, loves to help people. He’s found his path and it’s paved with the goodness in his heart.

Ric Brown lost his son back in the 1970s and was forced into the world of funerals. Feeling a different method of handling funerals was needed, he opened his company. Hernandez is the third generation of the family in the business and proud to be carrying on the tradition.

A youth pastor at The Door Church, he and his wife revel in working with the kids, introducing them to the community, and all that entails, supporting their local firemen and police, for example.

Having been an Ambassador for nine months has given him a new perspective of McAllen.

“I would never have met the people I have met,” Hernandez said. “I love to hear how everybody has a story of why they started their businesses. When they might wonder if they are going to make an impact, we, as Ambassadors, show up and say, ‘Hey look! You’ve been noticed!’ Being an Ambassador is great.”