John Moreno, Outside Sales Consultant at AAA Electrical Signs, is an outgoing joyful man who turned his aversion of sales into a career he loves.

“I wanted to start fresh from scratch,” Moreno said. “After sending 180 employment applications, I filled out the one for AAA Electrical Signs. Following a three-hour interview with the owner, he told me he wanted me to be on his sales team because of my personality. I told him I hated selling.”

Three and a half years and $2.7 million in sales have given Moreno a new outlook.

“My favorite thing is building an emotional connection with my customers,” he said. “I give them my undivided attention and do as much as I can for everybody around me.”

Talking to the Chamber staff at a Business Expo, he learned how to become an Ambassador and learned more about networking.

“It’s a great group of people and I love them,” he said. “They are the most engaged, most active people. The McAllen Chamber is like a family and they make you feel like you are a part of their family. I felt like I fit in from the beginning.”

John, a homebody who likes to sew, walk, and stay organized, is one of the Chamber’s indisputable Ambassadors.