Laurah Herrera

Internet Sales Manager

Audi San Juan


Baseball, church and work. Those are the words Laurah Herrera, internet sales manager for Audi San Juan, uses to sum up her life.

“Baseball refers to her nine-year-old son, Efren. Laurah enjoys taking him to practice and games with her husband of 20 years. She relishes every second. As her two older daughters leave for college, spending time with Efren seems even more precious to her.

“Church” refers to all the time she serves, giving back to God.

Having a career in the car industry for 18 years, her employment with Audi San Juan has provided her with an occupation she loves.

“I love the automotive industry and being ‘first contact’ with people searching for their perfect car,” Herrera said. “Audi has become my favorite brand, and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.”

As an Ambassador, she puts her people person personality into full play.

“I have the opportunity to go into the community and meet people from different companies,” she explained. “I’m such a social person that meeting people from all walks of life is something I truly enjoy.”