Office Manager

Supreme Credit Services


Life-changing! Going to work for Supreme Credit Services in 2017 was a shock for office manager Leonor Medina. 

“When I first started with the company, Joe Martinez, the owner, told me we were going to be part of the McAllen Chamber’s Expo and I was going to do a presentation,” Medina said. “I thought I was going to simply do office work. I was super shy, very quiet, and quite sure I couldn’t do what he was asking.”

Two years later, with Expos and Power Networks behind her and months as an Ambassador, Medina is a changed woman. 

Passionate about her work with Supreme Credit Services, which is registered and bonded with the state, and with helping people buy their homes by guiding them to rebuild their credit, Medina is a powerhouse. Confident, outspoken, and inspired by her work on Weslaco’s Centennial Committee, she has returned to college to get her degree in history working towards a career with museums.

“Being an Ambassador is something I never thought I would be doing,” she said. “It’s an awesome group, and they made me immediately feel I was a part of them. I’m the total opposite of who I was before and I thank my boss Joe, the Chamber Ambassadors, and everybody at the Chamber for that.”