Branch Manager

Falcon Bank

Lupita Rodriguez, branch manager for Falcon Bank, always wanted to work in a bank.

“My dad had me involved in his sales business at a very early age,” Rodriguez smiled, recalling 13 years of living in Guanajuato with her family. “I would go to the bank and do his transactions which always fascinated me,” she said.

Mentioning that much later to a friend in McAllen got her a job at Texas State Bank,  learning the business for six years before moving to Falcon Bank. She has been there for almost 13 years.

“Falcon Bank has given me the opportunity to work for and serve our customers in both the retail and international sides, which I’ve enjoyed very much. It’s been a great learning opportunity,” Rodriguez said.

Enjoying involvement with the community was her reason to become an Ambassador. She had already volunteered on the Candlelight Posada Committee for two years and wanted to become more engaged.

“The chamber urged me to become an Ambassador,” she related. “I love it, all the recognition they give to the community. I think it’s awesome.”