Martha Garza
Owner, Breadsmith

After purchasing Breadsmith a few years ago, Martha Garza decided she wanted to get more involved with the community.

“I wanted to expand the business and let people learn about us,” Garza said. “Since we are in the bread business, we wanted to help the community have fresh bread every day.”

Becoming an Ambassador was her doorway.

“I love it. Going to the events gives me the chance to tell people about our business. I love when they ask me to help. I truly feel it’s them helping me get the word out about Breadsmith.”

She believes businesses who join the Chamber need to reach out and become active in chamber events.

“We always get to meet new people and as a business owner that’s what we’re really about – meeting people and telling them about our business.”

Proud of the fact that nothing goes to waste, anything unsold is donated to local non-profits daily. She lists the five mainstays of her company:
1) We bake every night.
2) We use no lard.
3) We use no additives.
4) We use no preservatives.
5) Our flour is unbleached and unbromated.

Now with two locations, Garza still loves her work and being an Ambassador with the McAllen Chamber.