Uriegas Dentistry, What Makes You Smile?

Twelve was a pretty important age for dentist Melissa Uriegas of Uriegas Dentistry. It was right around that age that she discovered dentistry. Fourteen years later, she realized her dream of becoming a dentist, and today Uriegas Dentistry cares for patients smack in the middle of where dentistry began in McAllen.

“When I was younger I would shadow the dentist next door,” Uriegas said. “I love art. I love working with my hands. I love science. Being a dentist is like being an artist because I get to mold, shape, and make beautiful teeth that help people function in this world.”

Among other awards, Uriegas won the 2018 New Dentist of the Year in the Rio Grande Valley. She cares about her patients and believes forming a bond with them will help them relax and will ease their minds in the midst of their procedures.

Becoming an Ambassador was a natural for this go-getter and vivacious woman.

“As an Ambassador, I enjoy meeting and supporting different business owners,” she said. “I believe learning different business strategies, contributing to our community, participating at ribbon cuttings, and celebrating successes is important for continued growth in our society.”

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