Ruben Peña

Cadravo Communications

Ruben Peña is a mover and shaker. Working for Cadravo Communications as Software & Technology Developer simply wasn’t enough of a challenge for him. He embraced the company, which is designed for businesses on the go, to be able to be in communications with customers and clients any way and anywhere. 

Taking phone systems to a whole new level by incorporating computer backups, phone encryption, Hunts Group technology and so much more including a state-of-the-art, virtually military grade secure server, Peña handles marketing, software development, and public relations.

Never one to sit still, Ruben loves being an Ambassador, which gives him a sense of belonging in the business community.

“Being an entrepreneur at heart, I love talking to clients in other businesses and learning what strategies they’re using – what’s working, what’s not,” Peña said.

With a daily life calendar: Monday – gym; Taco Tuesday; dancing on Wednesdays, etc, – Peña is a keep-on-moving kind of guy.

“I like stepping out of my comfort zone and learning new things, always trying to figure how to be the best version of myself.”