Steve Urbina

Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist, Shepard Walton King Insurance


After his high school teacher told him he was too small to win a football scholarship, his first real extracurricular interest, Steve Urbina fell in love with theatre. He excelled in drama and was awarded a theatre scholarship to the Conservatory of Theatre at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri.

His family’s history was already rich in love and drama, a real Romeo and Juliet tale. His father and mother fell in love against the strong wishes of their fathers.

“There were guns involved,” laughed Steve. “And drinking. At the end of the brouhaha, they stayed up pretty late drinking beer, ending with, ‘Let’s get them married. They love each other.’” 

Steve moved to Shepard Walton King Insurance two years ago after 15 years with State Farm, and now focuses on commercial insurance.

“I get to learn about how entrepreneurs work, which is exciting to me,” he said. “Being an Ambassador is a great opportunity for me to meet new people, see new businesses open, and make those connections with people who are in different arenas.”

In his spare time, Steve and his wife manage the ITheatre at The Tower, which allows him to follow his heart in another aspect of his life, and helps keep him well-rounded and busy.