Co-Owners, On Guard Sanitation & Valley Draft Services

What does a severely dyslexic high school dropout do with his life? He uses his skills of engineering and vision to design some of the most intricate draft beer systems in the United States. Along the way, Karl Kaiser, co-owner of On Guard Sanitation & Valley Draft Services married a smart beauty, Angie, who gladly took on the responsibilities of co-owning the business, and they traveled the country installing draft beer systems. That is, until they came to McAllen.

Here they found a place they were needed – no draft beer system service company here – and decided to settle down. Then they found the McAllen Chamber of Commerce and they found a family. Becoming Ambassadors, they felt at home.

“We joined to network and meet people,” said Kaiser. “I like feeding off the other Ambassadors’ knowledge. We enjoy seeing people’s businesses open when we attend the ribbon cuttings. It hits home to all of us and being part of the community just makes us feel good. We feel like we are part of something.”

When COVID-19 hit and bars closed, Karl could see what else the draft beer equipment could become so he began designing sanitation systems for houses and businesses using the same draft beer parts, he built sanitizing equipment and began sanitizing the Valley. He is now finishing the development of an automatic sanitizing system that will be able to sanitize whole areas in 10 minutes.

While Angie takes care of and works on the business side, Karl designs, builds, and installs the equipment. They are a multi-talented pair!