Veronica Sanchez & Edda Gutierrez
The Antique Blue House

Veronica Sanchez and Edda Gutierrez, friends since childhood, are the vivacious, inspiring, and gifted women behind The Antique Blue House at 1005 North Main in McAllen.

Merging their artistic talents with their love of antique and vintage pieces, whether it be furniture, clothing, jewelry or art pieces, together they have developed a unique store.

“We love to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary,” Veronica said.

All around the shop are pieces of their creative designs. In one corner you’ll see an original vintage end table, and in another window will be a stylish, repainted end table by Edda. Hanging in the vintage clothing section you might find an intricate, delicate First Communion dress designed and sewn by Veronica from another store she had previously for 14 years.

“This is my time,” Edda said, as she explained how her children are now on their own.

Finding pieces from all over South Texas, they have also added their own lines of handmade jewelry and dolls by Veronica, paintings by Edda, and items the two design together. Their ability to take a piece from their store, or something a customer brings in, and transform it, is an exceptional and unusual talent they offer clients.

Floral arrangements in antique or vintage vases adorn the shop, and delightful aromas from their individually made soy candles using essential oils fill the air.

Favors for weddings, parties and quinceañeras are available as well. Finding the old and bringing it back to life is their joy, and they offer pieces from 18th Century France to Early American cabinets.

Coming in the near future, they plan to offer classes to teach others how to develop their talents like Veronica and Edda.

By bringing pieces they find back to life, or by making them from scratch, these two totally enjoy filling their shop, opened just over a year now, with delightful and one-of-a-kind finds of decor and gifts for their customers.