Cindy Trevino 

Community Manager, Tres Lagos


Cindy Treviño’s eyes are constantly sizing up what is happening in front and around her, ready to instantly take charge if necessary.  As Community Manager of Tres Lagos, Treviño’s life interweaves with all aspects of the 2,571 acre site. She is a major part in making life for the residents top quality and just plain fun.

“I started with McAllen Country Club as the Membership Marketing Director,” she began. “I brought Mike Rhodes, the Tres Lagos   developer, and his family on as members. The Rhodes family liked me. I knew one day I could possibly work for their company.”

Four years and 300 Country Club members later, Cindy made the decision to work at Tres Lagos.

“When Mike hired me, he said, ‘I don’t know exactly what you’re going to do, but I know I need Tres Lagos taken care of.’ Then he told me to design the job,” Treviño said.

And that she did, from planning myriad events to running the once a month Farmers’ Market to overseeing the grounds maintenance and security of the complex – to name just a few of her many work responsibilities.

Recently rolling off the Board for Leadership McAllen, she holds positions on the Convention Center Advisory Board and the Membership Committee at the McAllen Country Club. Treviño’s growing community involvement coupled with her marketing and sales experience have helped her build relationships with local business owners and city officials across the Valley.

“Tres Lagos is a 30-year project with single and multi-family homes and state of the art amenities for an active lifestyle,” she said. “What I love about working here is that I feel I’m a part of the future. I want to be here to see how McAllen’s going to grow to this area in the future.”