He loved cars. Growing up near a corner of dealerships in San Benito spurred something inside him. By college he had convinced Kellogg Motors in Harlingen to hire him. He worked on days he didn’t go to school. Actually, it was part of a deal he made.

“If you give me a job, I’ll encourage my mom to buy the car she’s looking over.”

With that sense of tenacity, Adrian Aramburo, general manager of Boggus Ford, entered the car industry and found where he fit on this planet.

“I loved it,” he laughed. “Basically the training was learning about the cars, and when customers come by, make a friend and sell a car.’”

What could make selling cars that enticing to a young man?

“It was the numbers and the negotiation and meeting people,” Aramburo said. “Helping the people get something they wanted or going on the lot with them to help them figure out what car they wanted to buy. I liked the negotiation part of it, being the middle person between the dealership and customer.”

In 2002 he moved to McAllen and to the Frank Smith Toyota dealership and later moved to Boggus Ford.

“I give a lot of credit to Roland Smith with Frank Smith Toyota,” he said. “He taught us ‘to inspect what we expect’ and many other good managing tools which I brought here to Boggus Ford in 2010 as General Sales Manager.”

“The car business is what we do but the people business is really what we’re about – making sure the customers are happy, not just for this sale but for the future and for their neighbors, co-workers or families. It’s a relationship business.”

“I love working for the Boggus family. I love being in the car business and I love meeting people every day and having customers who have bought cars from me 10 or 15 years ago call me and say, ‘Hey, Adrian, it’s that time again!’”

He’ll go greet his customer who is his friend and sell another car.