Gloria Gracia, General Director
De Shopping En El Valle/De Shopping En Texas

Gloria Gracia is a mogul of her own design, a go-getter, a traveling saleswoman, a planner, she is also a member of the International Relations Committee for the McAllen Chamber. There are many more titles which could be added to this General Director of De Shopping en el Valle, now De Shopping en Texas.

Born in Brownsville, Gloria lived in Mexico until returning to Brownsville to attend college at 17 to obtain her degree in Business Administration. Developing her long time love for industry, she managed engineers who handled calibration services for local maquiladoras, and now maintains her involvement with the industry through her brother’s magazines including Mexico Industry.

In December 2015, she established her commercial cleaning company, Clean Management Services, while continuing her career working for her brother. When seeing a lack in Valley promotion, he convinced Gloria and his wife, Monica, to create De Shopping en el Valle.

“De Shopping en el Valle was designed to boost the economy here in the Valley so the people here and in Mexico know what’s going on,” Gracia said.

Recently, realizing advertisers were coming from around Texas, they decided to change the name to De Shopping en Texas. With 12 employees and the help of the Mexico Industry locations around Mexico, De Shopping distributes 40,000 copies in the Valley and northern Mexico, informing the people about retail, entertainment and restaurants. A member of Chambers across the Valley, Gloria is already planning her next entrepreneurial adventure.

How this award winning woman-2016 Best Magazine Sales Director from the American Advertising Federation and 2008 Small Business Journalist of the Year from the Small Business Administration of the Rio Grande and the five state region-has time to flip a house here and there, play the guitar and piano, and follow her other passion to travel, is a sure sign of superior time management.

Doing it all with enthusiasm, Gloria’s dynamic personality will keep her at the top of the list of women to follow here in The Valley.