PEOPLE YOU SHOULD KNOW – Greg Turley, Attorney at Law

IMG_9636-2-EditLocal attorney, Greg Turley, is on an adventure of a lifetime. He’s published his first book,  Hideaway, and entered an exclusive club. Though there are millions of books out there, it’s still a privilege to become part of the “Authors” club.

“In the last 10 years I’ve become more interested in writing,” he said. “I have a personal blog,, and a movie review site,,” said Turley.

For the last two years, between life and the career he loves as an attorney in Business Law, Estate Planning, real estate and construction matters, he has brought to life his dream of writing a book.

“I had an idea for an interrogation and started with that in mind. One of the things I didn’t realize was when I came to a fork in the road with the story, I was the one who had total control over whether to go right or left. It was a real learning lesson but it was enjoyable and liberating in a sense because the story didn’t have to take a certain path, be a certain length, look a certain way.” Turley’s enthusiasm for this new venture was evident.

“I knew when I started it was up to me to keep going.Everybody says, ‘Someday I’m going to write a book.’ I hope for others to see I actually did it, might inspire them to finish their own goals,” he said.

Hideaway hasn’t totally taken over his life. This history major is condensing his great-grandmother, Elizabeth Gregory’s journal to readable form, bringing her life in Indian territory prior to Oklahoma statehood to life.

“That’s been fun to start since I’ve had these diaries in my home for many years.”

A hunter, a triathlete, a golfer, a writer, an author–Turley’s life keeps him on adventures, which he loves sharing with the world.

Hideaway  by Gregory Turley

Thomas Denison has recently graduated from college when he becomes a suspect in the disappearance of his girlfriend, Laura Meyerson. After being questioned by authorities, he turns to an influential family friend, Harvey Garza, a Congressional staffer, who helps him hide out from investigators and Laura’s influential family, while they try to find out, “Where’s Laura?”