NOELY Jewelry and Boutique

Multi-talented Noely Mena, owner of NOELY Jewelry and Boutique, accomplishes anything she puts her mind to and then some. Singing in a mariachi when younger, going to Hollywood and Mexico, she then worked at local radio and TV stations. She found her true love in sales, working at Lacks, before a debilitating illness forced her to stay home.

“Find something to keep you busy,” her doctor said.

Noely began making jewelry.

“I had $40 in my account,” she remembered. “My husband was working in the Virgin Islands. We were struggling.”

Making jewelry kept her busy and she loved it, she continued buying supplies to make more jewelry. She also found she was feeling better.

“Stop!” cried her husband, Manuel, until they sold $1,000 in one night in their first Facebook live show.

Uploading pictures on Facebook had paid off and she had found a new career. Now it became a family affair as Manuel and her sons joined in the crafting of her intricately handmade, gold-plated jewelry. Using her business background and Manuel’s experience as a district manager for a business, they developed a plan and the business grew.

It turns out those watching (60,000 for one Facebook live show) loved her style in clothes also and wanted to buy the clothes she was wearing. With encouragement from her family, she took the risk and added a line of clothes.

Within a short time, her Facebook live shows brought her customers around the country and had her business growing enough to decide to add a brick-and-mortar store.

Through a series of mishaps, before she knew it she had a shop in La Plaza Mall. A new store will be opening soon at the Rio Grande Valley Premium Outlets.

“It was God!” she exclaimed. “I thought, would I, just a regular human, be able to do this? No. God had a purpose for me.”

Manuel and Noely find building this business together is their dream job and plan on opening a store in Brownsville next year.