People You Should Know: PODS Moving and Storage of the Rio Grande Valley

Like a precisely choreographed ballet, PODS (portable on demand storage) are delivered with a specially built truck. Podzilla, the unique concept delivery mechanism, breaks away from the main truck and maneuvers PODS carefully into position. Pick the size for the job, either an 8’x8’x7′, an 8’x12′ and/or an 8’x16′ and the waterproof container is put exactly where you choose, according to the dimensions. Packing the PODS is totally up to the customer, morning, noon or night. It’s all about convenience for the client.

Believing in their product, PODS motto says it best: The Best Moving and Storage Idea Ever!

PODS was created in 1995 by a man in Clearwater, Florida, who sold it in 2008 to a national company. CTC Distributing in Edinburg was looking for something to add to its warehouse/storage facilities, and acquired the PODS rights for Hidalgo and Cameron County, recently adding the Laredo area.

“It’s the most convenient storage unit you can get,” Kelly Madden, president, PODS of the Rio Grande Valley, said. “It’s a little more expensive than a storage unit, but the convenience makes up for that. We pick it up, bring it back to storage or ship it across country if it’s part of a move. Nationally, PODS has its own fleet. Locally, CTC Distributing has containers of its own and is running at about 92 percent utilization.”

Widely used for storage during remodels. moves, by businesses during busy seasons, even UPS puts PODS at RV parks to insure better delivery for the thousands of Winter Texans visiting.

With the company for 21 years, Madden, a Valley native, has been an integral part of CTC Distributing’s innovative and diversified company. Adding PODS to its list of products was an easy decision. “It’s a great invention for sure,” Madden said of the successful venture. “We’re happy we got into it.”

For more information check out PODS 800-776-7637,, 956-686-4351 or